Oscar from Texas writes: So I have been quarantined for more than 30 days and I’m starting to go a little crazy. I know there is no right answer, but when do you think it is safe to start having sex again? I can’t wait much longer!

Before we answer your question, Oscar, can we all just get a resounding “Amen” up in here?! We are all feeling the sexual drought due to social distancing precautions and shelter-in-place. And as much as we preach self-love, there is only so much self-loving a person can take before they need the touch of someone else’s hand.

You are right about one thing, Oscar, there is no right answer to your question. There is nothing more important than your health, and we would never suggest anything that could put your well being in danger, that is why we encourage everyone to follow social distancing guidelines as much as possible. However, we know you have to get off, and if you are going to eventually venture into someone else’s bed, we have some tips that can help you stay safe while keeping you stimulated.

Before your pack up your sex bag, put your mask on, and venture out, have you explored all of the freaky ways to connect with someone else while keeping your distance? Video sex is a personal favorite of ours, but exactly how exciting can it be? As we have discovered, a lot more than you think.

Try sending a sex toy to someone you want to play with and ask them to use it on camera. Have them do the same for you. Get verbal! You would be surprised how much fun a toy can be when someone is directing you on how to use it. Trust, we have done our research! Sexy outfits, fetish gear, even role-playing can take video sex to a whole new level. So you have never explored that fetish side of you yet? Girl, you got the time now!

Now, once social distancing restrictions allow it and it is considered safe to get back on the prowl, try and find a regular someone who you can ask about his daily habits. You aren’t the only one wanting to get off while worried about risking their health. Better yet, go through the laundry list of previous sexual partners and reach out to someone who was great in bed. If you know its good, quality over quantity of men can decrease your exposure to others while maximizing naked time. 

We know this is a crazy time, and we are glad that you are trying to take measures to protect your health. Stay strong, our friend, and stay ready for the day that you can be as freaky as you want to be!

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