Because Santa isn’t the only one coming to town…

It’s the holiday season, and if your calendar looks anything like ours, it’s more like the Christmas party season. From ugly sweater parties to winter celebrations, it’s a nonstop whirlwind of champagne toasts and sloppy kisses under the mistletoe. 

So whether you are coupled up with your jingle beau or coupling up with a different elf every night, here are our favorite tips to being the best Holiday Hoe.

Embrace the Jolly Bulge

Ok, we all know that the cookies, cakes, and pies don’t exactly make you feel your sexiest naked self, but they are just too good to resist! The truth is that a few extra pounds only makes the sex hotter. If you like it when someone has a little extra to hold on to, so does your partner. Get over your Christmas belly and get under the next person who lights up your tree. Indulge in everything and leave the moderation for January. 

Keep Your Bedroom Naughty and Your Tummy Nice

As much as we love Daddy’s eggnog and Christmas treats, the holiday tirade can do quite the number on your stomach. It’s one thing to sport a few extra pounds of love, but it’s quite another to feel like your gut is a total holiday hazard. Balance out the excess with extra fiber and lots of water. Fiber is the magical elf that will scrub your hole from the inside out, leaving you ready to receive Santa, or Santa, or both Santa and Santa…. Hey, whatever you wished for! 

Find Your Inner Holiday Spirit and Spread it All Around

We know how exhausting this time of year can be. No matter what holiday you celebrate, the stress of the season can sometimes turn you into a total Scrooge. But the holidays are for giving back to all of those who have filled your year with love. So whether its getting extra naked with your favorite plus one or spoiling your friends with gifts that help them find their inner Holiday Hoe, spread that good cheer as much as you can. 

Oh, and if you need some sexy gifts for your Secret Santa, we got you covered.

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