If you haven’t made it outside recently, it looks and feels a lot like spring. While coming out of hibernation is decidedly less fun this year, social distancing is still critical and may remain so until 2022. Coronavirus or not, ‘tis the season for spring cleaning, so slip into some booty shorts, grab a spiked seltzer, and serve up some Mary Poppins realness with all this extra time at home.  

Start with a plan

Organizing what you want to keep, gathering up what you don’t, and eliminating debris are our main categories. If the task feels overwhelming, try committing to just 15 minutes a day. Take several notes from Marie Kondo and set yourself up for success before you even open up your closet. Begin with receptacles for what needs to be thrown away, and what you can donate. It may be tempting to just throw away what items are in good enough condition to donate while stores like Goodwill are closed due to coronavirus, but if you have space, please hold on to these items until it’s safe to accept donations again- you’ll be doing the economy and the environment a favor.

Clean the crevices

By now you’re likely sanitizing frequently touched surfaces like countertops and doorknobs several times a day, but when was the last time you deep cleaned behind the refrigerator or under your bed? If you suffer from allergies, the dust mites thriving in the nooks and crannies of your home can make you just as miserable as tree pollen. Experts say mopping after vacuuming is essential for actually eliminating these invisible irritants.  





If you didn’t have a home office before you suddenly needed one six weeks ago, chances are it’s not quite as functional as you need to be your most efficient on-the-clock self. Go ahead and order the thing that you figured you could do without back when we thought this was going to be a two-week stint. When you finally do return to the office, that spare monitor could make a huge difference for someone else’s career. After the functional rearranging is complete, take a look at your wall art. Creating a gallery wall and strategically placed mirrors can give a room an entirely different feel. 


Nurseries and garden centers are essential businesses! Even though we’re all wearing masks in public, we should still stay home and away from others as much as possible so this isn’t an invitation to start running around town collecting supplies for unnecessary home projects. However, herb and vegetable starter plants are in season, inexpensive, and can help feed you. If possible, purchase from small businesses and seek out those who offer delivery or curbside pick up. Dirt under your fingernails feels good and so does connecting with nature. The houseplant gurus at Planterina recently launched an online store with free on all purchases and my lemon-lime philodendron arrived in positively perfect condition.  

Reign over your quaran-kingdom

Many states plan to reopen soon, amid news that a second wave of the virus sweeping over China is even worse than the first. Staying cooped up at home isn’t fun for any of us, so as the opportunity to go back to normal life presents itself legally, please conduct yourself from a place of morality. Essential workers on the front lines deserve the basic human decency of our abundant caution as they continue to fight to keep us healthy. Deep cleaning is hard work, enjoy the fruits of your labor from the safety of your home because, without humanity, there is no economy. Karen sucks, don’t be like Karen.

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