If you are feeling helpless due to the fear and anxiety surrounding this pandemic, and the unprecedented economic impact feels, you are not alone. And to top it all off, we can’t even hug our friends about it. It is important to remember that everyone deals with stress differently. As we continue to navigate the quarantine, keeping compassion for yourself and others at the forefront of your actions will have the greatest impact on your sanity and society. Here are a few experiences these past few weeks that we hope help you gain some feeling of control and community.  

Be picky 

With more time than ever to stare at our phones, the news is everywhere. What’s not news? Only consume news from trusted sources and limit or eliminate that consumption if it makes you feel worse. Make it a habit to wait until after your breakfast to check your phone and plan to put it away a few hours before bed. Try to identify what you’re reading/watching that might be doing more harm than good, and kick it to the curb. 

Be honest

You ok, sis? It feels like a loaded question these days, but it’s really the only one that matters. Anxiety is just one of the uncomfortable emotions we’re all forced to sit with right now. Of course, we suggest you meditate, exercise, catch up on your favorite book, or Netflix series however, you may still feel a bit overwhelmed. If that’s the case, please seek a little help because it is important that we address our own mental health concerns. We recommend scheduling some time to speak with a Telehealth professional – they are shockingly fierce. Instead of having to wait a few days to be seen, you can get on the phone with a doctor in less than an hour after. is just one provider offering free visits. 

Be helpful

People who volunteer regularly know how satisfying it feels to help others. While our in-person opportunities are not available, the need is greater than ever. Here are just a few easy ways you can help!

Food and blood banks around the country are desperate for supplies. Feeding America will help you find a food bank near you that could use donations of food, toiletries or money, and possibly volunteers.

Medical professionals are desperate for personal protection equipment that with little sewing experience, you can crank out at home – here’s our favorite mask pattern

Help get loved ones set up with the technology for video calls, you’ll both feel better. Check-in with elderly neighbors to see if they need anything, it may be as simple as a conversation. Focusing on others can be amazingly empowering so we suggest picking up the phone and checking and touching base with your loved ones.

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